About Tom Harrison

Tom Harrison

is a film composer and author based in London.

Tom's music has been featured in over 100 different television series.



Tom's most recent album was created in collaboration with the Discovery Channel. Tom worked with Discovery producers to create fresh, unique music to act as an editor’s toolkit to tell their stories. The tracks contain the pulses, percolating percussion and tension needed to move the action forward in Discovery’s wide range of programming. What makes the tracks extra special though is the infusion of Tom’s vast, diverse musical perspective, his unwavering attention to detail and the endless care he crafts into his work. 


There are a lot of composers who can string a bunch of stock loops together with a computer to create tense music; Tom avoids stock loops, preferring to carefully sculpt each moment, creating music that is cutting-edge and original. On top of this, he not only plays and utilizes a whole array of exotic instruments in his music, such as his silk-stringed Chinese Lute or "Pipa", he consistently goes the extra mile to create truly personalised musical assets that his clients will love.


Tom Harrison has been an obsessive musicologist since the age of 12. His car stereo playlist is a constant evolution, from the Hindustani sitar ragas of Ustad Vilayat Khan, to the titans of European classical music such as Bach and Mahler, all the way to Iowan heavy metal band Slipknot. Tom’s endless quest for musicological knowledge has given him the tools to infuse any combination of musical styles into the melting pot of his film music. If you collaborate with Tom, you will have the chance to create a musical score together that makes your project stand out as truly unique and special. 


Tom Harrison is a BMus summa cum laude graduate of the Film Scoring program at Berklee College of Music in Boston. He worked in Hollywood for many years including as the assistant to composer John M. Keane on over 50 episodes of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Tom's first book How to Become a Film Composer was recently published by Centerstream and Hal Leonard. He is a Senior Lecturer in Film Scoring at the Academy of Contemporary Music. 


To contact Tom, email him at tom@tomharrisoncomposer.com